Canine First Aid Courses

Our online Canine First Aid courses are designed to help you learn the skills required to handle medical emergencies when it comes to dogs.

Advanced First Aid for Puppies and Dogs

Advanced First Aid for Puppies and Dogs Course

Level 4
18 hours

£ 29.00

Canine First Aid Courses

Canine First Aid Level 3 and 4 Course

Level 3
18 hours

£ 49.00

First Aid for Puppies and Dogs Course

First Aid for Puppies and Dogs Course

Level 3
18 hours

£ 24.00

Pet First Aid Course

Pet First Aid Course

Level 3
12 hours

£ 24.00

About Canine First Aid Courses

Do you love spending time with dogs? Do you want to be prepared in case of emergencies and help dogs in need?

Our online canine first aid training courses are designed to teach pet owners and those working with animals the basics of emergency care for their pets. The course covers topics such as how to recognise signs of illness or injury, how to administer medication and CPR, and basic wound care.

What You’ll Learn

Our online first aid for dogs courses cover the essential topics related to canine first aid, including:

  • How to recognise and deal with common problems such as choking, bleeding, cardiac arrest, and poisoning.
  • Proper handling of a dog in an emergency
  • Basic canine CPR and First Aid
  • How to prepare a First Aid kit for dogs
  • How to handle wounds and injuries
  • How to help a dog in distress

Our online courses are produced by experienced first aid trainers, who routinely handle canines in distress, and can provide you with valuable insights and practical advice through our online lectures..

Why Choose Our Canine First Aid Courses?

Our online courses are designed to be self-paced, which means you can study whenever and wherever you want. The course material is easily accessible and presented in a format that is interesting and easy to understand.

Our courses are applicable to both dogs and puppies, they also feature interactive elements, including quizzes and exercises, which allow you to put what you’ve learned into practice.

We offer a range of canine courses so learning a specialist subject such as canine first aid in addition to this is also beneficial. Whether you are caring for your own pet, a dog walkers, a dog sitter, working in a kennel or working with animals these first aid courses are perfect to increase your knowledge.

Enrol Today

Are you ready to be prepared for emergencies and help save the lives of dogs? Enrol in one of our canine first aid courses today and join our community of dog lovers committed to keeping their canine friends safe and healthy.

FAQs for Dog First Aid Courses

Here are some typical frequently asked questions students have asked us prior to enrolling on one of the first aid for dogs courses.

Are these canine first aid courses accredited?

A: Yes, these dog first aid training courses are fully accredited. Upon completion of the course you will receive a CPD Accredited Certificate.

How long does the first aid course for dogs last?

A: Our dog first aid training courses are online based and it is recommended you spend 18 hours of learning. Please note our courses are self paced, so the exact time will vary depending on how quickly you can read through the course information and complete your online assessments.

What is a canine first aid course?

A: Canine first aid course is a program designed to equip dog owners, beginners and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle emergency situations involving dogs and puppies.

Who can attend a canine first aid course?

A: Anyone with an interest in learning how to administer emergency first aid to dogs can attend our online canine first aid course. This includes beginners, dog owners, pet sitters, dog walkers, veterinarians, and other animal care professionals.

What topics are covered in a canine first aid course?

A: A typical canine first aid course will cover topics such as CPR, choking, bleeding, poisoning, heat stroke, and other common emergencies that dogs may encounter. Check the course syllabus for the specific modules covered in each course.

What are the benefits of attending a canine first aid course?

A: Attending our online canine first aid training can help you save your dog’s life in an emergency situation. It can also give you peace of mind knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to handle any situation that may arise. It is a highly recommended course for anyone working with animals.

Is a certification provided after completing a canine first aid course?

A: Yes, we offer a fully accredited and recognised canine first aid course. At Oplex Careers we offer a certificate of completion to participants who successfully complete the course.

How much does a canine first aid course cost?

A: The cost of a canine first aid course varies depending on the specific course. Please check the individual course listing for the exact price.

Are there any prerequisites for attending a canine first aid course?

A: No, there are no prerequisites for attending a canine first aid course. However, it is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of literacy in order to read the course modules and assessments.

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