Learning Maths GCSE Course

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The online Learning Maths GCSE Course from Oplex Careers has been designed to help learners who are wanting to get ahead and begin their studies for Maths GCSEs. Based solely on the National Curriculum taught across the UK, this Learning Maths GCSE Course is a great place to start.

Course Description

The online Learning Maths GCSE Course will help learners to explore key principles within the Math GCSE curriculum, helping students get to grips with the fundamentals within the different areas of Maths being taught. This course will provide a great insight into the areas of focus within the curriculum, different types of Maths including algebra geometry and more, recommended study practices to get your GCSE studies off to a flying start.

Course Syllabus

The Learning Maths GCSE Course is split into the following modules:

  • GCSE Maths Curriculum
  • • Areas of Focus
    • Aims and Requirements

  • Number
  • • Ordering
    • Whole Number
    • Decimal
    • Fraction
    • Priority of Operations and Symbols
    • Conversion between Fraction, Decimal, and Percentage
    • Approximation
    • Factor, Multiple, Prime, Power

  • Algebra
  • • Algebraic Notation
    • Formulae
    • Equations

  • Ratio, Proportion, and Rates of Change
  • • Units
    • Ratio Notation
    • Direct and Inverse Proportion

  • Geometry and Measures
  • • Terminology
    • Angles
    • Properties of Triangles
    • Properties of Circles
    • Units of Measurement
    • Calculating Area
    • Calculating Volume
    • Calculating Circumference
    • Pythagoras’ Theorem

  • Probability
  • • Frequency of Outcomes
    • Randomness and Fairness

  • Statistics
  • • Interpret/Construct Range of Tables/Charts/Diagrams
    • Interpret, Analyse, and Compare Data
    • Median, Mode, Mean, Modal Class
    • Range
    • Population
    • Correlation

  • Working Mathematically
  • • Fluency
    • Terminology
    • Problem Solving

  • Exam Format and Techniques
  • • Types of Questions
    • Points Awarded
    • Showing Methodology
    • Calculator and Non-Calculator
    • Techniques and Tips

  • Revision Techniques
  • • Techniques and Methods

  • Final Assessment

GCSE Preparation Course

The Learning Maths GCSE preparation course helps students to prepare for the GCSE Maths exam however students should note the course is NOT a formal GCSE on its own. Instead this course helps learners prepare for studying their Maths GCSE using the most recent information taught in the Maths GCSE national curriculum, using our interactive student learning online facilities, with the support of tutors and online assessments to practice answering test questions based on the National Curriculum. In order to receive your official GCSE qualification, the final GCSE exam MUST be taken in a formal AQA-approved centre that will supervise, authenticate and mark the controlled assessments.


To assess the learners ability and knowledge to effectively understand the topics contained within the Learning Maths GCSE Course, the course features a number of end of module interactive quiz questions.

Additionally, at the end of the course learners will also take an online multiple choice assessment test. This online multiple choice test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.


On successful completion of this Learning Maths GCSE Course learners will receive a CPD Certificate of Achievement award from Oplex Careers.

This certificate will be produced in PDF format, hard copies of the certificate will be available at an additional fee of £9.99.

Course Format

This course is delivered online through eLearning. Learners of the course will receive instant access to our interactive student learning portal, which offers 24/7 access to the Learning Maths GCSE Course.

Course Duration

The online Learning Maths GCSE Course requires 70 hours to complete the course in full. This is only a guide to the learning hours required and it depends on how quickly an individual can absorb the information. The learning is online so it can be spread out over multiple sessions or done in one session.

Learners will have access to this course for up to 12 months from the date of joining. There is no time limit to complete the course during this period.

Tutor Support

When you are studying a course it is always useful to know that you have the help and support of tutors that want you to succeed in your studies.

As part of the Learning Maths GCSE Course you will receive access to our dedicated tutor support service. The academic tutors will be able to provide you with unlimited online email support to help answer any questions that you may have whilst you are studying the course.

Course Compatibility

course-compatibility-400Our Learning Maths GCSE Course is fully compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices.

We know that more and more people are using the web whilst they are on the move, so we have designed this Learning Maths GCSE Course to be fully compatible across tablet and smartphone devices. You will be able to access the same content from the course, just over a 3G or 4G network whilst on the move.

On successful completion of this course learners will be awarded with:

Level 3 CPD Award in Learning Maths GCSE Course

CPD logoUpon completion of the course learners will be awarded with the Oplex Careers CPD certificate. The Certificate of Achievement will provide proof that you have studied the course and will contain your grade and classification level. You can use the certificate from us as part of your portfolio of evidence and use it to attend job or academic interviews.

What is CPD?
CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. CPD is a commitment to lifelong learning, a skill that is invaluable to all people in society. Employers from both the public and private sectors, as well as academic intuitions across the UK and internationally recognise Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

CPD is a great way for individuals to gain new skills, improve their job prospects, gain greater job satisfaction and also help to secure a promotion.

The courses available through Oplex Careers conform to the universally accepted CPD quality mark and standards of recording, reflecting, tracking, planning and reviewing.

Benefits of CPD
Regardless of where you are in your career, undertaking an Oplex Careers CPD course can help you;

  • Enhance your employment opportunities
  • Improve career satisfaction
  • Track prior learning
  • Show you are up-to-date with the requirements of your job
  • Contribute to your CV
  • Lead to further education
  • Demonstrate your commitment and value within your organisation
  • Prepare you for promotion

When you finish with the course your certificate will contain the recognised CPD mark from Oplex Careers.

If you would like more information about the Learning Maths GCSE Course then please feel free to use the enquiry form below:

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